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The voice of the users must be heard. Governments laden with corruption and greed are not qualified to represent the users of the world's largest network. We the users of the Internet decree that all users are created equal, that all things deserve access to the Internet and that freedom shall prevail. Users should feel free to roam from corner to corner of the internet without fear, without taxation and without restriction. We hold these and other truths to be self evident. We call upon the leaders of the world demonstrate their respect to the largest community in the known universe. Communication and knowledge are our allies. Corruption, greed and corporate identity are our foes. Effective April 15th, 2004, the Office of The President of The Internet has sworn to protect and defend the Internet from all enemies and to profess freedom, community and equality to all.

The Presidents Pro-Tem are currently recruiting temporary cabinet members and drafting articles of unification in a secret bunker located in the western United States. The first election for the Office of The President of The Internet will be held on November 4th. If you are interested in a cabinet position, participating in the creation of the articles of unification or being elected as the next President of the Internet, please contact the:

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